Four Seasons of Pleasure

Lumispa brings the spa into your home. It will decorate your yard or terrace, provide relaxation without the need for excessive preparations, and serves the owner for decades.

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In addition to tub size and shape, the surface materials and accessories vary. Choose a model first:

Four key reasons to choose Lumispa:

Bathing is not about technique.
Tub manufacture is.

The new Lumispa outdoor hot tub range has been designed and manufactured on an entirely new basis: the materials withstand time, temperature variations, and active use. The technology takes bathing to a whole new level.

Sit back and enjoy the bath – but if you wish, take a look under the surface and into the structures in order to understand the basis of a high-quality outdoor hot tub better: the tub frame is made of durable aluminium and the machinery designed so that maintenance is as convenient as possible. The high-quality polyurethane insulation used in the tubs ensures excellent air circulation in the structures. This extends the service life of pumps and other components. The tub is truly easy to care for and durable. The choice of materials and technical details ensure many decades of luxurious baths for you to enjoy.

Made to last and look good

  • High-quality materials and components
  • Aluminium frame withstanding time and year-round use
  • Alternative surface materials and a wide range of accessories
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland
  • Quality guarantee

Lumispa is a modern, Scandinavian and innovative hot tub that withstands time and active use. A good design always does.

Arni Aromaa, Pentagon Design

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