In principle, Lumispa outdoor hot tubs are ready for use, but some of the materials and features should be chosen depending on the environment and purpose. Explore the options and enjoy your freedom of choice – Lumispa adapts perfectly to the installation environment and style preferred.

Tub Dimensions and Models

The tub size varies depending on the model – in addition to dimensions, this applies to the number of persons. Smaller tubs are ideal for a small terrace or yard, to be used by a couple or a small family. Large tubs comfortably accommodate 10 persons and can be used by sports teams or corporate groups, for example.

Features and equipment

Lumispa fits perfectly with the surroundings, since the tub cladding and style can be selected from amongst the options specified. Explore the surface materials and style or power and other functionalities. In the tub design process, special attention has been paid to the outdoor hot tub’s massage features. The number of tub nozzles and the massage features are some of the characteristics you can influence during the purchasing stage.

Standard in all models

  • Load-bearing aluminium frame
  • Energy efficient polyurethane insulation
  • Synthetic base tub
  • UPM ProFi Deck panelling
  • Pleatco fibre filtration system
  • Control system with touch screen
  • LED lighting
  • LED waterfall
  • Insulation cover
  • Disinfecting ozonator
  • Cushions

Optional equipment

Choose these at the time of purchase:

  • Exterior cladding: glass, Skinrock, composite or embedded panelling
  • Additional heater, 3 kW

Enhance your tub with these

  • Cover rack, premium (available only with the ProFi exterior cladding)
  • Steps
  • Tub vacuum
  • SpaBalancer (chlorine-free treatment substance), 750 ml

Delivery and installation

The outdoor hot tub can be installed in frost-free level soil or embedded in terrace structures. The final location of the outdoor hot tub should be planned carefully before order submission – this ensures that the delivery and installation take place as expected and the transportation means suit the site. The delivery fee varies by region – contact our customer service for more information.

Insulation intended for Nordic conditions

The tub withstands summers and winters, for it has been designed in Finland. All of the materials and components endure extreme cold and temperature variations. Owing to the energy efficient polyurethane insulation, the tub is suitable for year-round use and long-lived.

Guidelines and brochures