Lumispa 402

A larger and more efficient hot tube Lumispa-402 ensures relaxations the whole family or group of friends. Up to 5-6 persons.

215 cm x 215 cm x 102 cm
Number of persons:
Water volume:
1440 l
Weight ( empty):
320 kg
58 pcs
massage pumps:
3 x 1,5 kW
Filter pump:
0,2 kW
3 kW
Power supply:
3 x 16 A, 400V
  • Lumispa-402 outdoor spa

Standard equipment (Kuuluvat ostettuun Lumispa altaaseen jo valmiina)

  • Load-bearing aluminium frame
    The aluminium frame distributes the weight of the water evenly over the entire tub area. The durable aluminium frame comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Ozonator
    Ozonation brightens and freshens the water
  • Pleatco fibre filtration system
    The fibre filtration system removes debris and skin impurities from the water.
  • Control panel with touch screen
    The tub’s control panel with touch screen is modern and easy to use
  • LED lighting
    LED lights bring light to darkening evenings
  • Polyurethane insulation
    SPU polyurethane insulation ensures year-round energy efficiency of the tub. Waste heat recovery keeps the thermal energy produced by the machinery in the machinery compartment
  • Synthetic base tub
    The tub is equipped with thick insulation layers; no separate insulation plates are required under the tub. The fibreglass base tub protects the tub’s base insulation and machinery.
  • LED waterfall
    The magnificent, illuminated LED waterfall elevates the atmosphere to a new level
  • Insulation cover
    The thick insulation cover withstands the weight of snow, children, and dogs, for example. Handling of the insulation cover is facilitated by the cover rack available as an option

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