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Novitek is a trendsetter in

outdoor bathing.

Story of Novitek

Life can sometimes be hard and it probably never gets easy but you can make it more relaxed and enjoyable with little things.

We think that one of the best ways is bathing outdoors in all four seasons.

Novitek was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer well-designed and well-manufactured Finnish outdoor hot tubs at a reasonable price.

Our mission is to increase the well-being and enjoyment of our customers. Soaking in a hot tub relaxes your body and mind so you can relieve stress and sleep better. Plus, it’s really fun!

Over nearly three decades in the industry, our customers have taught us what the requirements for bathing are. More than 100,000 customers have trusted us and we have been honored to bring a touch of luxury to their daily lives.

You should hop in and get soaked too!

Customer oriented approach

We are an easy partner to work with. We do what we promise and our entire staff is available to support you.

Trendsetter in the industry

Our entire business has been developed around ease. We focus on making life easier for everyone involved.


When we talk about quality, it’s not just about the product. Quality is present in everything we do!