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Effective massages in three seats and two lounges relax five bathers at a time. The versatile design of the compact outdoor hot tub and the generous number of the jets guarantee complete relaxation from head to toe.

In the color selection of Novitek M outdoor hot tubs, you will surely find the color combination you like for your outdoor hot tub. Choose your favorite trim level, hop in and get soaked!


Size: 210 x 210 cm

Number of people: 5

Interior color

Pearl Shadow
Silver Sterling

Siding color


Novitek Outdoor Hot Tub

Trim level

Choose your trim level from Basic, Comfort or Premium and complement it with suitable accessories.

For those who miss a massage

The Olos outdoor hot tub is designed especially with massage in mind. You can easily adjust the massage power with the air controls. The other lounge seat offers perfect massages for the soles of the feet as well.

Pleasure and treatment

The Olos outdoor hot tub is suitable for traditional bathing enjoyment, relaxation, and also for muscle treatment.

Värit valintasi mukaan

Voit valita sisäpinnan ja ulkoverhouksen värin kohteeseesi sopivaksi.

Hierontaa jalkapohjille

Toisesta makuupaikasta löytyvät täydelliset hieronnat myös jalkapohjille.

Hierontatehon säätö

Ilmasäätimien avulla kylpijät voivat näppärästi säätää hierontatehon itselleen mieluisaksi.

Novitek outdoor hot tub


Novitek hot tubs are designed for northern conditions – they withstand time, weather and take care of their owners for decades.

All Novitek outdoor hot tubs are made from the highest quality hot tub components and equipment.

Each tub comes with a thick weatherproof insulating cover, fiber filter, starter chemicals, and clear instructions for use. The delivered outdoor hot tub to the yard is ready for use after installation, and you don’t need immediately buy chemicals, for example.

The walls and bottom of the tubs are insulated with Finnish extruded polyurethane insulation that guarantees top of the line thermal insulation.

Each tub comes with a 12 cm thick weatherproof insulating cover that keeps the water ready for bathing all year round.

From the beginning of 2022, we have also transferred the production of insulating covers to the domestic manufacturer VA-Varuste Oy.

Each of our tubs is equipped with a durable aluminum frame. The aluminum frame distributes the mass of water evenly over the entire tub. The frame is constructed and insulated so as not to allow any heat loss to form in the machinery space.

Every Novitek outdoor hot tub has atmospheric LED lighting at the water line. You can choose the LED lightning color you like just by pressing a button.

With the Select and Exclusive collections, you also have the option of adding lighted jets and controls. The LED-lighted jets increase the atmosphere and relaxing effect even more.

All Novitek outdoor hot tubs are made from the best materials and components. Novitek outdoor hot tubs are equipped with control panels, pumps and jets by the American Balboa, the leading manufacturer in the industry.

The control panels are supremely reliable and built to endure any weather condition.

The fiber filtration system cleans the water of debris and impurities from the skin. Ozonization destroys bacteria and algal spores in the water, making the water clear and fresh effectively and ecologically.

These together with water treatment products, guarantee that the water always stays sparkling clean.

The ABS plastic base protects the bottom insulation and machinery. Novitek tubs have thick layers of insulation, thanks to which you do not need to install a separate insulating board under the tub.

In order to move the outdoor hot tub safely, the bottom base is additionally designed with load sheet plows.

The composite siding on the external surfaces of the hot tubs is excellent for all weather conditions due to its unique features.

The composite material retains its original color well, is easy to keep clean and looks just as good after many years of use.

Technical information


210 x 210 cm


96 cm








53 pcs


2 x 1,3 kW or 1,5 kW


Combination or separate 200 W


3 kW


1300 l


350 kg


3 x 16A (400V)

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Novitek M

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