Freely customisable.
For the varying conditions of the North.

The Novitek spa makes life more enjoyable. The versatile range has a spa to suit every need. You can choose the size, design, colours, trim level and accessories to suit your needs.

All Novitek spas are designed for northern conditions. They stand the test of time and weather, keeping their owners well for decades. Only the best materials and components are used in the manufacture of Novitek spas.

Novitek outdoor spas are always designed and manufactured in Finland!


Our spas are designed for northern conditions – they stand the test of time, weather and keep their owners well for decades.

Only the best materials and components are used in the manufacture of Novitek spas.

All spas are supplied with a thick insulating cover, a fibre filter, starting chemicals and a clear instruction manual. Once installed, the pool delivered to your yard is ready for use.

Kaikki Novitek-ulkoporealtaat on eristetty sekä sivuilta että pohjasta. Valmistuksessa käytämme kotimaisia Finnfoam-eristeitä, jotka takaavat pitkäikäisyyden sekä markkinoiden parhaan lämmöneristävyyden.

All Novitek hot tubs are insulated from both the sides and the bottom. We use domestic PIR insulation, which guarantees longevity and the best thermal insulation on the market.

Each of our outdoor hot tub models comes with a 12cm thick weatherproof insulating cover, which keeps the water ready for a bath all year round. The cover is made with domestic insulation.

All our spas have a durable and long-lasting aluminium frame. The aluminium frame distributes the weight of the water mass evenly throughout the spa. The frame is constructed and insulated so that there is no heat loss.

Each Novitek outdoor spa has atmospheric LED lighting at the waterline. The multi-coloured LED lighting allows you to choose the colour of your choice at the touch of a button.

In addition, LED lighted jets are also available as a factory-fitted option. The jet lighting further enhances the atmosphere and relaxing effect of the bubble bath.

Only the best materials and components are used in the manufacture of a Novitek spa. The spas include pumps, jets and control box from Balboa, the leading manufacturer in the industry. With superior reliability, these components are built to withstand all weather conditions.

The filtration system removes debris from the water and impurities that have come off the skin. Ozonation destroys bacteria and algae spores, making the water clearer and fresher in an effective and ecological way. These, combined with water care products, ensure that your bath water always stays sparkling clean.

The durable ABS plastic base is designed to protect the bottom insulation and machinery of the spa. All spas have thick layers of insulation, eliminating the need to install separate insulation panels under the spa.

Altaan turvallista siirtämistä varten pohja-altaaseen on suunniteltu lisäksi kuormaliinaurat.

The unique properties of the materials used for the exterior of spas make it ideal for all weather conditions. Materials retain their original colour well, are easy to keep clean and will look as good for years to come.

design, colours and features of your choice


Choose the right size and design for you from a wide range of options.

Trim levels

Novitek spas are available in three different trim levels.


Outdoor cladding is made to stand the test of time
and different weather conditions.

Colours of your choice

Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your preferences.


Standard accessories​

More efficient massage pumps
Separate filter pump
Touch screen
UV sanitizer
Aux buttons for massage pumps

Additional accessories