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The products in the collection are a combination of traditional outdoor hot tubs design and pure Scandinavian lines. All five Exclusive hot tubs not only have a beautiful design but also excellent default accessories.

Novitek Kiilo outdoor hot tub

The Kiilo hot tub has four different kinds of corner seats that massage the bather at just the right spots.

Novitek Levi outdoor hot tub

The spacious Levi outdoor hot tub includes as many as seven bathers at a time. The wide corner couch that can fit up to five people provides freedom of choice that can not be found in any other hot tub.

Novitek Malla outdoor hot tub

Malla’s spacious lounge seat and five upright seats guarantee excellent massage experiences.

Novitek Pallas outdoor hot tub

The Pallas outdoor hot tub is the perfect choice for those who require versatility from their hot tub. The tub’s three massage pumps guarantee a versatile and effective massage irrespective of the chosen seat.

Novitek Ylläs outdoor hot tub

The Ylläs outdoor hot tub has been renewed for spring 2022! The massive Ylläs outdoor hot tub with its powerful massage pumps, relaxes up to nine people at a time. A large number of jets guarantees a striking bathing experience on all of the seats. In Ylläs' side-by-side captain's chairs, you can both relax and socialize conveniently at the same time.

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