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Standard is a simply stylish product family. The hot tubs are perfect for the first outdoor hot tub. Unlike our customizable Select and Exclusive collections, all Standard pools are always sold as ready-made packages.

Novitek Helmi ulkoporeallas

Finnish for “pearl”. Helmi is a true pearl in your yard. This compact hot tub fits well even in small spaces. When you want to enjoy the classic, beautiful design without compromising on quality, Helmi is your choice. The seats are equipped with massage jets pamper four bathers at a time. Available at all our resellers.

Novitek Luosto ulkoporellas

Luosto is one of our most popular models. When you want to enjoy warm water and relaxing bubbles, Luosto is the the hot tub for you. The combination of three upright seats and two lounge seats provides an opportunity for both total relaxation and lively water play. Available at all our resellers.

Novitek Ropi ulkoporeallas

Three bathers can enjoy Ropi at ones. This compact outdoor hot tub is perfect for small spaces without compromising style or ergonomics. Ropi is a perfect option for example couples, who has a limited amount of space. When you choose Ropi you compromise with space, not with quality. Available at all our resellers.

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