Housing trends for 2024: what’s happening in homes now

Housing trends for 2024: what’s happening in homes now

In 2024, housing trends will emphasise the importance of the home. A contemporary home is first and foremost a home that is distinctive and comfortable – a haven of security that connects to the surrounding courtyard and garden. Now is the time for homeliness, domesticity and classicism. The latest trends in living are combined in an everyday life that never needs a holiday.

Here are the most interesting phenomena of the year: these are the trends in living in 2024.

Shared time is an everyday luxury

asumisen trendit – yhteinen aika on luksusta

It’s important to live according to your values in an environment that makes you happier. The quiet luxury that has become a trend focuses on wellbeing and invites us to question our consumption. This phenomenon is also reflected in housing, highlighting a lifestyle that makes conscious consumption very fashionable, enhances the value of timeless style and emphasises the importance of sustainability.

Smooth everyday life is created through our own choices. The home is a whole, not just indoors – we’ll be combing the yard in a hurry! Spending time outdoors gives you extra energy and bathing in an hot tub relaxes your body and mind. The four seasons of enjoyment remind us that in your own backyard you can stop to make the most of moments together with your family all year round – a real everyday luxury!

Bring nature inside, bring homeliness to the garden

vie luonto sisälle ja tuo sisätilat ulos

Indoors, the aim is to bring nature into everyday life. Wood, water and earth in particular are often seen as natural elements that relieve stress and enhance creativity in everyday life. This is a trend that also works in reverse. They want the style of the home to continue in the garden: the relaxed homeliness is not confined to the inside of the walls, but extends all the way to the outside. The Novitek hot tub blends seamlessly into different environments and meets the criteria of even the most demanding decorator, with a choice of five standard colours and hundreds of available upholstery shades. The new vinyl exterior cladding has unique properties that make it ideal for all weather conditions.

Energy efficiency is on everyone’s lips

Technology has to bend to the curves of a changing world and the importance of energy-efficient solutions has risen dramatically in a very short time. The consumption of Novitek hot tub is something that everyone can influence. The spas are designed for cost-effective year-round use and, for example, heating can be timed to coincide with a certain level of electricity prices. By paying attention to the right settings, relaxing baths can be enjoyed without worry, even in slightly cooler weather. Another energy-saving feature is the SmartCover insulating cover.

Forget buying impulse goods – invest in quality


The home is a safe haven for all of us, and people are prepared to spend more money on its functions than before. Quality is a priority, and buying decisions are driven by sustainability: products are attractively designed to look good, and solutions are made to last for years to come. These are the factors that have increased the popularity of hot tubs in the home. Long development work in Finland and advanced features make the hot tubs even more attractive. Novitek’s Finnish hot tub means quality in everything we do: service, manufacturing, technology and materials. The domestic design ensures that the pool fits perfectly into the environment!

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