Installation and operating instructions

The manuals contain important information on the installation, operation and maintenance of the hot tub, as well as guides to hot tub care and purchase.

Always read the instructions carefully before installing and commissioning a new outdoor hot tub.
On this page you will find the latest operating instructions in PDF format.


Installation and use guide for Novitek hot tubs. Includes instructions for ST2T, TP700 and TP500 panels.

Dimensional drawing - 160x190 cm


Dimensional drawing - 190x190 cm


Dimensional drawing - 210 x 210 cm

Olos, Salla, Halti M, Pallas

Dimensional drawing - 230 x 230 cm

Saana, Malla, Kiilo, Levi, Halti L

Dimensional drawing - 275 x 230 cm