Sustainability in everything – Novitek hot tub is a responsible choice

Sustainability in everything – Novitek hot tub is a responsible choice

For us, responsibility means giving more than we take in all our activities. This broad concept turns promises into actions when the environment, customer experience, product development, usability, employees and stakeholders are truly taken into account in the way we do things. Outdoor spas are designed to give the user the maximum amount of well-being, with a good conscience.

Sustainability is particularly evident in the manufacturing, material selection and use of Novitek’s products.

Hot tub made in Finland

At Novitek, we value quality and domesticity. All hot tubs sold by Novitek are manufactured in our factory in Salo. The state-of-the-art production facility and skilled staff ensure that every hot tub manufactured is produced according to a carefully designed process, with uniform quality, respecting high quality standards. The location of the factory in Finland requires strict recycling requirements and allows fast delivery times without long freight journeys. A low carbon footprint, a high recycling rate and a high level of job satisfaction among the factory’s skilled staff are the hallmarks of responsible production.

At the Novitek factory outlet, we focus on customer-oriented and professional service – moments where we are truly present. In the factory outlet, everyday life is always a bathing party, because the bathing experience is brought together under one roof, with all its details. Together with our helpful and knowledgeable staff, you’ll be able to find the perfect, responsibly manufactured, quality hot tub for you at our store.

Long-lasting materials for Novitek hot tubs come from nearby

Novitek hot tubs are always manufactured using primarily Finnish and European materials, so that the carbon footprint of transport is minimised. The Salo factory has invested heavily in modern machinery, which contributes to the versatile use of recyclable materials. Responsible material choices mean focusing on raw materials for components, manufacturing, transport, recyclability and ensuring the longevity of the finished hot tub.

The materials used in the manufacturing process influence the appearance and characteristics of the hot tub: a wide range of customisation options ensures you get the spa you want. So you can be sure of a long-lasting and ecological product.

Freedom of choice and carefree use

The sustainability of the product’s use reflects all the choices made in its manufacture, which allow the hot tub to consume as little energy as possible, provide relaxation for years to come and be easily recycled at the end of its life. Part of being responsible is also considering what happens if the spa fails. Novitek hot tubs are designed to make it as easy as possible to repair the problem.

It is responsible to sell what consumers want and need in their daily lives. You can choose the right size, design, colours, equipment level and accessories according to your own preferences. All Lumispa and Novitek hot tubs are designed to be as easy to use and maintain as possible, with the aim of providing maximum well-being for the user. Novitek hot tubs make life more enjoyable!

The key flag contributes to responsible choices

Novitek hot tubs have been awarded the Key Flag label, which indicates that the product is at least 50% domestic. We have also ensured that domestic component suppliers share our understanding of the importance of quality.

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